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Online Software to Streamline Workflow Can Save Oil Industry Billions

How would an industry that is typically conservative about adopting new business processes save up to 10 billion US dollars annually? And how could 'upstream' oil and gas companies realize time savings as great as 75 percent over their traditional methods of working?

The answer is NXG Systems LLC., suite of Internet-based software tools that:

  • Improve knowledge management for oil companies and their suppliers.
  • Enhance customers' ability to collaborate amongst project members.
  • Manage complex, engineered oil field services involved with well drilling.

    "Using our online software suite, clients can increase the value of their personnel and physical assets when specifying and communicating the detailed engineering, geographical and scheduling requirements to drill, complete and operate wells," Says CTO Mr Carmine Rimi.

    The global energy industry has entered an era of challenge. Companies are merging to achieve greater competitive power and economies of scale. They are searching for ways to optimize their return from assets that become more scarce and less accessible each day. And they are rewriting the rules of their business for the Digital Age, as everything from the supply chain to the customer relationship is rewired and redefined.

    Faced with these trends, energy companies must develop new strategies. They must discover new ways to maintain their competitive strength. And they must build new models to position themselves for the future. It is for these reasons that they come to NXG Systems LLC.

    Our Energy practice group works with companies to create insightful strategy, to develop pragmatic solutions, and to produce meaningful results.

    It is our goal to help them identify unseen opportunities and tap the hidden value in their asset base, all with the aim of building a competitive position that will withstand the test of time.

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